The District
Kawerau is located in the heart of the Bay of Plenty,within easy reach of lakes, rivers, beaches, forests, thermal areas and historic sites.

The area's wonderful climate and varied scenic beauty make it one of the great, affordable lifestyle options for New Zealanders young or mature.

Kawerau has modern shopping centre and recreation and community facilities which include an attractive golf course in a scenic setting, squash facilities, numerous sports grounds and playing fields, a centrally situated bowling green and a large sportsdrome catering for a large number of indoor sports and activities.
Also in the central town area are tennis and netball courts, the thermally heated swimming pool. Over 100 clubs provide for practically every interest.

A library, town hall and concert chambers are all available to the community. Health, medical and social services are also well catered for and churches of some 16 denomination are represented.

The cultural flavour of Kawerau is enhanced by a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. The Tangata Whenua have been joined by Pakeha and Maori from around the country, and immigrants from Finland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, North America and Australia, who came to work in the forestry industry.

A splendid carved Meeting House representing all nationalities and tribes in the community is a feature of Kawerau's unique Rautahi Marae.

The availability of geothermal steam in Kawerau was the deciding factor for the location of the pulp & paper industry in the 1950s. Today, the Kawerau borefield contains more than 25 bores,one of which is the largest producing bore in the world. Other local uses of geothermal steam include hothouses, which provide a variety of crops for domestic and export markets, heating and thermal pools.

Natural gas is available in Kawerau and CNG and LPG are available at outlets in the light industrial and service industry area.

Kawerau's water supply is high quality, soft spring water.

The huge forest area bordering Kawerau incorporates the upper reaches of the Tarawera River and the Tarawera Falls. The scenery and recreational opportunities provide enjoyment for many thousands of people who regularly visit the forest to hunt, fish, canoe, climb, camp, orienteer, cycle, collect firewood, or just enjoy walking or jogging.

Kawerau's low cost housing enables thinking people to free-up valuable capital by selling high value properties elsewhere and purchasing a home of equivalent quality for a fraction of the price. In Kawerau, a modern, three bedroom home with double garage, landscaped grounds and an 800 sq m. section costs between $60,000 and $90,000. More modest homes are available for less than $50,000.

People in retirement who wish to maintain their quality of life can therefore create substantial disposable or investment income by moving to Kawerau, and at the same time enjoy living in one of the countries premium lifestyle locations.

1996 Census 7,600
Primary 4
Intermediate 1
Secondary 1
Polytech Outpost 1
Small Businesses
Retail 81
Professional 12
Other 33
Doctors 6
Dentists 2
Credit Unions 3
Trading Banks 3
Hotels & Motels 3
Post Office 1
Service Clubs 6

The Benefits
Kawerau offers many advantages for people looking for the right place to settle, retire, or start a business, highlighted by the following.

Modern, well laid out town & modern services.
Quality, economical housing & low living costs.
Friendly people & strong community spirit.
Mild Winters & warm Bay of Plenty climate.
Close to major cities.
Close to lakes,rivers,beaches & forests.
Outdoor opportunities aplenty.
Opportunities for tourism development.
Gardeners' delight.

18 - hole golf course.
Free heated swimming pool.
Bowling Club.
Superb trout fishing.
Many sports grounds & facilities
( Rugby, League, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Netball etc. )
BMX bicycle track.

Beautiful gardens & reserves.
Putauaki ( Mt. Edgecumbe ) provides a stunning backdrop & views.
Tarawera Forest, Mt Tarawera, Lake Tarawera, the crystal -clear river and unique Tarawera Falls, all close by.

The Resources
Kawerau has, or has ready access to wealth of natural and human resources.

The availability of sawn and unsawn timber resources provides opportunities for the manufacture of a wide range of wood products, from furniture components to farm supplies.

Kawerau has a highly skilled workforce serving the forestry industry,but males and females seeking work are readily available, particularly in the younger age groups.


Some by-products from the pulp and paper industry have the potential for further processing into marketable products, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs. Vast amounts of waste fibre and bark are available for growing aggregate or landscaping, while trade waste recycling also has much potential

If you would like to Know more about Kawerau, its lifestyle and its opportunities, contact any of the organisations listed below.

Kawerau District Council
Private Bag, Kawerau
Tel. (07) 323 8072

Kawerau Enterprise Agency
P.O. Box 119, Kawerau
Tel. (07) 323 3980, Fax. (07) 323 7966

The Information Centre
Tarawera Court, Kawerau
Tel. (07) 323 7120